Spring coffeehouse

About a month ago, I performed in my school’s Coffeehouse. I sang Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips. It was awesome. I got a lot of applause. My friends cried, ahem -HILLARY – ahem. Anyway, hopefully it will be up on Youtube soon. I shall let you know when it is. Cya! -Sofia

Cotton Candy Hair

I now have pink hair! Not just a streak, but my whole mane. It looks great. it’s a pastel-y purple-y pinkish and it’s awesome! I also cut my hair shoulder length! The last time I cut my hair that short was at the beginning of 5th grade, which was about 3 and 1/2 years ago. It feels weird but cool at the same time. Anyway, gotta go. Later everyone!

The end of Trimester 1

So today is the day before Thanksgiving break, which is also known to my school as the last day of Trimester 1. See, at my school we have TRImesters, not SEmesters. So today I had a BUNCH of quizzes, mostly pop quizzes. I had quizzes in english, science, and math. I unfortunately don’t think I did very well on the english quiz, but WHO KNOWS!!

So anyway, I’m on the bus home writing this, and I’m so happy we have 3 days off: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, plus the weekend of course. My best grade in trimester 1 was in Spanish; I got a 98.74, otherwise known as an A (my school doesn’t have A+, only A’s)!!!

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!!!! Toodles!


So yesterday night I went to my school’s seasonal Coffeehouse. Coffeehouse is basically my school’s own X-Factor, except that you get to have cake and coffee and hot chocolate also. Some of my friends performed. It was fun to see their talents. Those talents included singing, playing the cello, playing the ukelele, and dancing. It was also fun to sit with my friends. I totally encourage schools to do things like this. My school has 3 every year: One in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the spring. I can’t wait to see my friends perform more, and maybe even perform myself. All for now! -Sofia

School, work, and school work

Sorry about not posting anything about my NEW SCHOOL!!! I’ve just been very busy with all the homework, school soccer, and other activities. My new school is The Harley School, a private college-prep school for grades N-12. I’m so lucky that I love my teachers, classes, and the school itself. I don’t really like how much school work I’m getting, but otherwise, I’m having a GREAT time!

On Tuesday, me and ALL the other 7th graders are going to a farm for 4 days and 3 nights, which will be the longest I have ever been away from home! The schedule for the farm goes something like this:

6:00: Wake up

6:05: Brush teeth, get dressed

6:15: Have snack

6:25: Make breakfast for whole farm

7:05: Have breakfast

7:35: Morning chores (collect eggs, milk goats, etc.)

9:35: Classroom session

10:35: Tend to garden

11:15: Feed animals (including sheep, chickens, hens, etc.)

11:55: Lunch

12:35: Creekology/Nature Walk

1:35: Afternoon chores (sheer sheep, milk cows, etc.)

3:35: Harvesting

4:35: Bake bread/pastries, make dinner for whole farm

6:05: Have dinner

7:05: Relaxing time/card games

8:05: Prepare for bedtime (brush teeth, get into PJ’s, etc.)

9:00: Lights out

As you can see, we have to wake up at 6:00 EVERY MORNING. Ugh! Anyway, I think I’m gonna have lots of fun a the farm! Moooo you later! -Sofia

Jelly legs

Ugh! I am so tired, because today was my first school soccer practice, and right after that was my first hockey practice of the season! My legs and arms feel like jelly, and I can barely keep my eyes open.But afterwards I had dinner in front of the TV show Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide! That was fun! Anyway, gotta get my rest for soccer and hockey tomorrow! G-night!


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Ahhh, vacation!

Well, folks, on the 19th I got back from my family vacation. We went to our cottage in Canada which is right on a lake. This is what the first day looked like:

Once all the daily chores are done, I grab my bathing suit, towel, and floaties, and have a swim in the lake with my family before dinner. Then I eat dinner in the Breezeway, a room with screens for walls. After dinner, we have another swim, do our last chores of the day, and go to bed.

Anyway, I had a super great time there! I can’t wait to go back next year!

In other news, school starts on September 9th, a Monday. I have my science teacher as my homeroom teacher, and I’m doing soccer as my required sport. When does your school start or when did it start? And did you have a good day? Bad? Leave a reply in the comments section! I’ll be waiting! -Sofia